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Residential projects can be a meticulous task when it comes to electrical work that needs to be done.  Homes are considered our sanctuary, and every little detail is important and unique to each home owner.  At Arrowtech Electric, we have lots of experience with the customer service side of any residential project.  Whether we are working with interior designers, builders or home owners, out attention to detail is second to none.  We take pride in delivering with a high caliber of quality and customer service.  Your satisfaction is guarantee!



We understand commercial and industrial projects are time sensitive.  We are also aware that equipment downtime can be expensive for your business.  From construction, to maintenance and troubleshooting, Arrowtech Electric is equipped with all the right tools, on the job and in our office to accommodate schedules, deadlines and expectations. We take pride in being very effective and efficient to all our clients.

With the rising costs of electricity and a demand for energy efficiencies, we are here to help!  As a member of the Fortis Trade Ally Network, Arrowtech Electric can help you capitalize on commercial rebates with your energy efficient lighting upgrades.

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Arrowtech Electric is here to help with all of your electrical needs. We provide vendor services, equipment troubleshooting and maintenance, solar solutions, architectural smart lighting and much more!

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